East Valley Mile Series

Why one mile ?

Most Americans have a general idea of how far 1 mile is.  Most running conversations involve running miles or a pace per mile.  Yet very few good, competitive 1 mile races exist.  After traveling across the US racing in competitive road miles, I decided to start a series of 1 mile races on local high school tracks.  My goal is to create a competitive environment for the mile in the Phoenix Valley, and to eventually draw elite professional distance runners to the events.  At the same time, if we can create a unique race environment where student athletes, college runners, everyday grinders, weekend warriors and local elites all compete together - everyone is elevated.

Ruben Rodriguez, Race Director


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the race 1600m or 1 mile?

All races will be 1 full mile on a local high school track with a waterfall start 9.344 meters behind the start/finish line.

Does everyone race at once?

We use heats based on expected finish time to give everyone the most competitive and enjoyable race

Are there awards?

Yes! Cash awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall for both men and women at each race.

East Valley Mile is a Phoenix Valley series of races created by Ruben Rodriguez to bring the 1 mile race to prominence.

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